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Welcome to Svartisen

Svartisen is Norway's second to highest glacier and has an area of 370 squarekilometers. It is the lowest positioned glacier on the european mainland, just about 20m above the ocean. This makes it easily accessable for glaciertrips and other adventures. The highest point on the glacier is 1594 meters above the sea and the Engen-glacier has got a thickness of up until 450 meters.

The glacierarm 'Engenbreen' curves toward the Hordlandsfjord which has throughout the years been a natural tourist attraction for norwegian tourists – as goes for the tourists coming from other countries, due to the easy accessibility.

The name 'Svartisen' comes from 'svartis', an old word which denotes the deep colour of blue in this ice and the contrast to the white snow and newer ice on the iceplateau itself. The icemasses offer a range of different colournuances from blank crystal clear ice, to a turqouise-white bright and dark blue colours.

With us you will be able to fill the day with beautiful nature-adventures - or to simply have a good time enjoying Brestua's close surroundings - with lovely food and drinks and a fantastic view to the Engenbreen (glacier).

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